The result of a single belt blow from Daddy.

Well, Daddy’s gone now. I have a few posts queued up about his visit, all of which I’m very excited to post, but I need to do some touching up and ask Daddy for his input on a few things first. I just wanted to share this with all of my lovely readers, and Daddy expressed some interest in this picture being public.  The belting that caused this took place on the tenth of January, and this was the day after. It’s steadily growing more mottled. I can’t help but adore the look of it despite the pain.

I disrespected Daddy by refusing to comply with his attempts at cuddling me and making me feel better (he was about to leave), and in result I got punished. I’ll post more about it for later, but for now I have other things to do. 🙂 So sorry for the wait you guys, I’m trying to get new posts up as quickly as possible!


~ by daddyslittlegirll on January 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Misbehaving”

  1. Mmmm. Lovely. More, please.

  2. Thats a lovely picture and post! What a lucky girl you are to get such bruise! I am so happy for you that you got to see your Daddy. xx little girl kisses xx

  3. Beautiful bruise. I hope you’ll tell us more about your Daddy’s visit!! 🙂

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