about daddy’s little girl


Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog, I know you must have a busy schedule. I’m a young, submissive girl with an insane lust for sex, or anything that has to do with sex. I love it. I’m hooked.

I’m Cierra. Of course, that’s not my proper name, but it’s the name that Daddy’s chosen for me for this blog. ­čÖé I’m learning to be obedient, slowly and painfully, but I’m really trying. I’m young; dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, slight. I’m not even going to lie- I’ve blossomed into quite the little cumslut, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve been graced with a man who brandishes a gorgeous cock and has the most amazing personality: my Daddy. I thrive on the sexual energy between us as well as just..┬áhim.┬áHe makes everything work for me. Click. Make sense. At the same time, he’s the one that sends my head spinning a flurry of colors and makes every nerve ending in my body vibrate.

Daddy was the one that got me hooked. I’m not mentioning real names on here; I have enough problems with the┬ápeople in my life knowing too much about my personal likes and problems. As I said, I’m young. My precise age isn’t too awfully relevant, so I’ll leave that out. When I met Daddy I was a virgin, and when I say virgin, I mean virgin. I’d kissed a bit, but never gone further than that. Ever. Daddy, however, was a very sexual creature and decided that me not catering to what he want just wouldn’t do. He spent seven months softening me up for him. Seven months after we met, I finally gave myself to him, and we began our relationship. Soon after I gave him my virginity, we both discovered that he’d unleashed a very unexpected and very prominant insatiable beast. I wanted and wanted and needed and needed.

Our relationship began as a normal one- he had his kinks and I had mine, but we never spoke of them. Then, two months after we started dating, he moved across the country to Alaska. The move took an enormous toll on the both of us, and we desperately kept as much contact as we possibly┬ácould.┬áIt was a month before I saw him again, and during that time, in the midst of a phone conversation early in the morning, we began to talk about interests. Fetishes. Kinks. I believe that I brought it up to him. As stated before, I’m submissive, and have always had the desire to serve and obey a dominant figure. The itch was getting too strong for me to handle, and in consequence, I decided to try and let him know about what I was seeking. As it turns out, our interests interlocked almost perfectly. I shyly admitted that I thought that the Daddy/little girl ┬álifestyle was very kinky, and he confided in me that he had a fetish for the idea of little girls. We rejoiced, to say the least.

To begin with, I simply found the idea sexy. The taboo of the entire situation entranced and delighted me; I’d always gotten off to things that were viewed socially as “wrong.” Each of our respective roles, he as Daddy, and I as his little one satisfied a small portion of my need for submission. I wanted more, but I chose not to push the matter until a later time. And then came my revelation.

I began to uncover the true desire to play as a little girl. I realized that I didn’t just think it was fantastically hot, but that I felt that I needed to be in that role- the role of a little girl. In fact, it began to not even seem to be a role, but me. It was a slightly scary thought, but I’ve come to terms with it, and I love it.

I have a little girl heart. I’m playful and my emotions come in great, overbearing waves, without the constraint of an adult’s emotional maturity. Truly, I believe that I will never lose my childish qualities.

Anyway, I’ve begun to ramble now. Back to the topic at hand.

Daddy and I played around with Daddy/little girl roleplaying, and it stuck. I identified very strongly with it, and it quickly became a part of me. Daddy and I have now been together for well over a year, and I’ve finally let him in on just how submissive I am. Daddy’s a control-freak, and a rough one at that, so he said that he was all for the idea. I’ve invested time in preparing myself- making sure that I’m absolutlely ready to devote myself in every way to him, sexually and non-sexually. Daddy’s a bit of a sadist, so he’s feeding my masochistic side as well.

I’m here to write about our journey, our adventures. We’re long distance right now, but I want to share this with those of you who have the same interests, or are even in a similar situation. I hope that this wasn’t too confusing or jumbled.

Welcome to my freaky little mind. Have fun. :]


3 Responses to “about daddy’s little girl”

  1. are you going to post again soon, little girl? I hope so.

  2. Some truly wonderful blog posts on this website , thankyou for contribution.

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